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Foxforth Herefords

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Foxforth Herefords

Contact: Anne and Fred Starr

The Foxforth commercial herd was established in 1938 when John Ernest Starr purchased 10 Hereford cows and calves from the Urandangie Herd at Guyra, and leased a Hereford bull from Mr G Haynes. We have had a closed commercial herd ever since.

In 1978 JE Starr’s sons Keith and Fred purchased stud females from Yarram Park in Victoria and Invernaion in Queensland and registered the Foxforth prefix. Keith and Fred sold paddock bulls into herds in the Guyra district and then in later years took teams of bulls to the Glen Innes Hereford Show and Sale.

Today, Foxforth Herefords is jointly run by Fred and his daughter Anne. The commercial focus of the herd remains strong with milk, temperament, and carcase characteristics being used as the main selection criteria. Cattle must have good fat cover and an easy doing ability to survive the harsh winter months.

We are situated about 25km north east of Guyra in the picturesque New England area of Northern New South Wales. We are approx. 1400m above sea level and enjoy warm green summers and cool frosty winters with an occasional fall of snow.

We strive to breed Happy, Healthy Herefords. The welfare of our animals is of the utmost importance to us. Our cattle are our life.