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Lotus Herefords

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Lotus Herefords is operated by three generations of the Holliss Family. The stud & commercial cattle are managed as one herd with same selection & culling criteria. These principles have resulted in the across the board quality of our females regardless of registration status.

In 1946 Hereford cattle were introduced by Bert & Clara Holliss and in the early 50’s they founded a commercial herd.
In 1982 the commercial herd was classified as a Pure Bred Commercial Herd by the Australian Hereford Society. 1982 was also the year that “Lotus” Hereford Stud was founded by Oliver, Colleen & son Tony.
Step forward in time and Bert’s great-grandsons Cameron & Ace are now involved with the stud alongside Tony & Oliver. Much has changed since 1950 but not the practice of selecting females for fertility, milk and constitution.

With sustainable a key word in agriculture today we operate with that in mind with land management and the type of cattle we produce. We participate in breedplan, are EU Accredited and have exhibited in hoof & hook competitions & in the show ring with success.

When spare time rolls around there’s campdrafting, footy, fishing. We welcome visitors anytime, just give us a call.



Bull Sale - Thursday 27th July 2017, 11am
Open Day - Monday 3rd July 2017, 9am-3.30pm