Thornleigh Herefords

Thornleigh Herefords

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Thornleigh Herefords

Contact: Ben, Annabelle, Hugo, Cilla and Oscar Monie


Thornleigh Herefords was originally established in 1933 and is run by third and fourth generations of the Monie family.

The stud herd consists of around 250 breeding females and is run on strong commercial breeding principles of fertility, production efficiency and soundness of structure as core selection criteria.

The Annual Bull Sale is held in August each year (on the Monday prior to the last Friday of the month).

Directions: 19km west of Inverell on the Gwydir Highway – turn south onto Turrawarra Lane for 4km and then turn right onto Kiora Lane for 1.8km

1st Annual Bull Sale: Monday, 21st August 2017