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Truro Herefords

Contact: Scott & Pip Hann

Truro is a family run and owned Hereford and Poll Hereford operation, operated by Scott and Pip Hann and daughters Matilda and Sophie. Our business revolves around Hereford cattle, with very little cropping in recent years. The stud herd, of approximately 250 cows, is run on “Truro”, a property that has been in the family for generations. The commercial herd is run on another property, “The Glen” to the south east and further up into the picturesque Nandewar Ranges near Waa Gorge.

The Hereford stud was founded in 1987 with the Poll Hereford commencing in 2007. An annual bull sale is held on the 4th Monday in July each year and in 2017 we will be conducting our 9th on-property sale. Bulls offered are very commercially relevant and have full Breedplan figures, semen tested and selected for structure, temperament, IMF and carcase qualities. Stud cows are available at times throughout the year, and often offered at the bull sale each year.

Visitors are always welcome and we would welcome you to pop in any time you are travelling in our area. We are only 33 kms off the Newell Highway so not too far out of the way.

Location : 33kms east of Bellata on the Berrigal Creek Road



9th Annual Bull Sale - Monday 24th July at 1pm at "Truro" Bellata, NSW