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Swanvale Herefords

Swanvale Herefords is family owned and operated by Peter, Karen and Glen Weller breeding Hereford and Poll Hereford cattle.  Although formally based near Inverell, Swanvale Herefords relocated and now operates on the North West Slopes between Tamworth and Gunnedah.

Our primary focus for the last 25 years has been breeding commercial cattle with the introduction of stud females purchased from the Courallie dispersal in 2005.  Since then females have been sourced from Emu Holes, Raby, Dundee, Cara Park, Tycolah and recently we have introduced more polled genetics from Kidman, Courallie & Wirruna.

Our stud herd consists of 100 horned and polled females which are run in conjunction with our commercial herd.  Breeding females are run under commercial conditions and culled if they do not produce a live calf to weaning every year, to maintain high-fertility traits.

Our aim is to produce soft easy doing cattle, with good weight for age and carcase traits.  The emphasis is to produce long deep-bodied cattle with plenty of thickness. We focus on producing cattle to perform well on grass with a quiet temperament, to ensure that they will perform well in any herd under any conditions.  To compliment our resident stud sires we also use quality AI sires for genetic progress.

The welfare of our animals is at the core of our operation and breeding program. Our farm operates under farm biosecurity principles as to attain a high degree of assurance to maintain our J-BAS 7 score.

Visitors welcome by appointment.